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Secretarial Works

How We Do It?

Secretarial work typically refers to administrative tasks that support the smooth operation of an organization or business. These tasks are often carried out by a secretary or administrative professional. Secretarial work plays a vital role in supporting the administrative functions of an organization. It requires strong organizational skills, attention to detail, effective communication, and the ability to multitask efficiently. Filing returns with the Registrar of Companies (ROC) typically refers to the submission of various statutory documents and financial statements by companies as required by the Companies Act or other applicable regulations.

Managing Correspondence

This involves handling incoming and outgoing communication, such as emails, letters, faxes.

Scheduling and Calendar Management

Secretaries often manage the schedules and calendars of executives or teams.

Meeting Coordination

Secretaries assist in organizing meetings, including preparing agendas, scheduling attendees

Document Preparation and Management

Secretaries may be responsible for preparing and formatting various documents, such as reports, presentations

Data Entry and Record Keeping

Secretaries often perform data entry tasks, maintaining databases, updating records, and ensuring data accuracy

Administrative Support

Secretaries provide general administrative support, such as maintaining office supplies, coordinating mail distribution

Confidentiality and Discretion

Secretaries often handle sensitive information and must maintain confidentiality and discretion

Government Data Tracking

Secretaries may organize and prioritize correspondence, draft responses, and maintain communication records.

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Compliance with company law is essential to ensure that a company operates in accordance with legal requirements and maintains good corporate governance. Properly incorporate the company with the Registrar of Companies (ROC) by submitting necessary documents, such as the memorandum and articles of association, and obtaining the certificate of incorporation. Compliance requirements under Company Law can vary depending on the jurisdiction and the type of company (private limited, public limited, etc.).


The Registrar of Companies is a government office or agency responsible for the registration, administration, and regulation of companies within a particular jurisdiction.

Filing returns with the ROC is a legal requirement for companies to provide updated information, financial statements, and other relevant documents to ensure compliance with company laws and regulations.

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