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We care for your financial controls and needs

Team of like minded Chartered Accountants who can manage your big expenses by providing high level of advice because we care for you at every stage of your expenditure.

Working together to achieve

We, Here at VIJAY K. BHALLA & CO. believe in providing reliable professional services with integrity, excellence and confidentiality in the system of our firm to meet our customer's individual requests.

We help you to grow

We help you to take care of your issued direct tax, indirect tax, statutory compliances, foreign exchange and other important compliance.

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How VIJAY K.BHALLA & CO. Team Can Help You?

VIJAY K.BHALLA & CO. is a team of like minded Chartered Accountants who love to help companies & people to grow in their business as well as to achieve financial stability. Our Team represents a coalition of specialised skills which act as a helping hand for our clients & make their burden less.With our ability to decode and resolve complex issues and proactively engage with clientele, we are in a position to offer several offerings under one roof in the easiest way possible.

Financial Services

Financial services refer to a wide range of economic services provided by financial in...

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Forex Related

Forex services refer to the various financial services and products related to foreign...

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Incorporation of companies

Company registration refers to the process of legally establishing a company or busine...

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Secretarial Works

Secretarial work typically refers to administrative tasks that support the smooth oper...

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Engaging a consultancy can bring several benefits, such as access ...

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Direct and Indirect Taxes

GST stands for Goods and Services Tax, which is a value-added tax levied on the supply o...

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Accounting is the process of identifying, measuring, recording, and communicating...

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Audit Services

Audit services refer to an independent examination of an organization's financi...

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Changing the way Normal Chartered Accountants work

We started as a small team and now we are a team behind many successful businesses & brands. We love to work with people & difficulty because we believe in delivering the best from the worst situations. We are on mission To provide reliable professional services with integrity, excellence and confidentiality in the system of our firm to meet our customers individual requests.

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Our Belief & Ethics

We believe in moral values and accept that there is no shortcut of quality professional services. We never compromise with the professional code of conduct; we abide by the professional ethics and would like to restrain ourselves from any conduct that might discredit the profession.

We At VIJAY K.BHALLA & CO. Loves Partnering With People To Understand Their Problem And Solve Their Queries Easily. We Believe That India Has A Potential To Be The No 1 In Financial Sector.


People & Companies We have Worked For Till Now

We Love & Celebrate each and every moment of our journey with our people because we think that we work with some extraordinary & collaborative group of people who are on a way to change the system it works & it behaves for handling large finance easily.